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Hawaiian Vacation Continues November 6th, 2015

Kirsten and Matt spent a day at the Leilani Farm Sanctuary on the island of Maui. Leilani Farm Sanctuary is an all volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to providing care for rescued animals and humane education to the community. Judging by their Facebook page, they have rescued a wide variety of animals. Kirsten and Matt shared some cute pictures from their day at the farm.

11-5-2015 9-40-10 PMr

11-5-2015 9-39-06 PMr

11-5-2015 9-36-35 PMr

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Hawaiian Vacation November 5th, 2015

It seems that Kirsten and Matt love to vacation in Hawaii.  When they shared their Halloween pic with the caption “Elsa + Hawaii 5-0 in Paradise” we suspected that she meant they were actually in Hawaii. This latest pic seems to prove we were right.  We love this pic of him and Kirsten.  We love the way she is looking at him but we have to say that our favorite pic from one of their Hawaiian vacations is the second pic.  Matt took the pic and we think it is absolutely stunning.  Hope he uses his natural photography skills to capture more beautiful pics of Kirsten and share them with us!

11-4-2015 7-25-35 PMr
10-31-2013 9-16-11 PMrr

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Happy Halloween!! November 1st, 2015

10-31-2015 9-15-03 PMr

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More Pics From Mile High Horror Fest October 28th, 2015

The good folks at Even Lambs Have Teeth have been sharing more pics from the panel at the Mile High Horror Fest where the film enjoyed a sold out first night.  They have also been sharing more pics from the set of ELHT.  Check out their twitter page Even Lambs Have Teeth for updates on this film that we are all eagerly awaiting!

10-27-2015 9-58-58 PM - Copy

10-27-2015 9-58-24 PM

Check out more new pics in our Instagram and ELHT galleries!

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More Premier Pics October 5th, 2015

Kirsten and others associated with Even Lambs Have Teeth have shared more pics with us from the premier at the Mile High Horror Festival.  One of pictures that Kirsten shared was accompanied by this explanation:

Excuse the rude gesture – if you’ve seen the film you’ll get it.

Here are the pics:

10-4-2015 10-46-55 PMr

10-4-2015 10-48-02 PMr

10-4-2015 10-53-31 PMr

10-4-2015 10-58-56 PMrr

10-4-2015 10-54-31 PMr


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World Premier of Even Lambs Have Teeth October 3rd, 2015

From all accounts, the movie was a big hit on opening night of the Mile High Horror Festival.  The premier was sold out as fans, as well as the actors, got their first look at the movie.  Here are a few pics we found from the event:

10-2-2015 9-53-09 PMr
10-2-2015 9-55-13 PMr
10-2-2015 10-00-44 PMr
10-2-2015 10-03-25 PMr

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Mile High Horror Film Festival October 2nd, 2015

10-1-2015 9-53-49 PMr

If you are in the Denver, Colorado area you should check out this festival.  The world premiere of Kirsten’s movie “Even Lambs Have Teeth” is premiering there tonight.  Kirsten and her co-stars are in town for the event.  The premiere tonight is about sold out but there will be other showings throughout the weekend.   If you get a chance to meet Kirsten please share your pics with us and let us know what you think about the movie.  We bet it is great!!


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Happy Birthday Kirsten!!! September 28th, 2015

Happy 25th Birthday Kirsten!!
9-27-2015 9-17-22 PM

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Kirsten’s 25th Birthday September 28th, 2015

Tomorrow, September 28th, Kirsten will turn 25 years old. It seems like only yesterday that we grew to know and love her as Amanda on Kyle XY. She was beautiful then and is even more beautiful now. The most amazing thing about her is she is just as sweet and charming as she was when she was working on Kyle XY. If you ever get the chance to meet her, you will see for yourself what a wonderful person she is. Please join us in tweeting a Happy Birthday message to Kirsten (@kcprout) on her birthday.

Kirsten and her boyfriend @zeeironlion has been celebrating her birthday a little early both in LA and in New Orleans. They shared some pics with us on instagram:

9-27-2015 8-48-59 PMr
9-27-2015 8-48-10 PMr
9-27-2015 8-32-10 PMr
9-27-2015 8-29-27 PMr
9-27-2015 9-10-44 PMr

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Ties That Bind September 27th, 2015

If your thinking that you missed your chance (like us) to see Kirsten in her guest appearance on the UPTV show “Ties That Bind”, you would be wrong! You can catch Kirsten on this show at 9pm Central Time tonight (in about 15 minutes) or next Wednesday at 3pm. Got your DVR set? We do!!

9-26-2015 8-36-04 PM

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